Sunday, December 11, 2011

Standards-Based Grading and the Flipped Classroom

This week I am attempting to incorporate aspects of Standards-Based Grading into my Biology class.  Here are some of the details:

  1. I am introducing a standards-based rubric. 
  2. I am providing the students with a learning plan of activities for them to complete throughout the week.  Activities include performing inquiry projects, finishing vocabulary activities, watching relevant videos, and completing online activities.  Students will have to demonstrate mastery by writing open-ended responses to questions about the content as well as take quizzes and a unit test.
  3. Students will have the opportunity to retake an assignment to demonstrate increased levels of mastery.
  4. I will also create an online standards-based gradebook on Google Docs.
I believe standards-based grading is consistent with the flipped classroom movement because:

  1. Allowing students to watch videos outside of class gives them more time to develop and demonstrate mastery in class
  2. The additional activity time gained by flipping a classroom should provide additional time for teachers to help students attain mastery.
  3. Flipped classrooms should be classrooms with evidence of student work linked to content and process standards.
I will write about how this process worked in this unit during future posts!

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