Wednesday, December 7, 2011


In my attempt to create my own flipped classroom, I have begun making screencasts to deliver content to my students. After reviewing several screencasting websites, I settled on  So far, I made videos about base pairing rules, types of chemical reactions, and types of mutations.

Listening to myself talk and getting used to the microphone have been very helpful for me as an educator.  Listening to my screencasts helped me get a sense of what my students hear when I speak.  As a result, I want to demonstrate even more enthusiasm and use more voice inflections when I speak.  Whether listening to me in class or online, I want to make sure students are engaged in the learning process.

There are several other screencasting sites.  Pick one you like best. Other screencasting sites include:

There are also screencasting apps for the iPad.  With these apps, write on the screen using a stylus or your finger.  This might be helpful when showing students how to perform calculations.  However, to my knowledge, iPad screencasting apps do not allow users to access content outside the app (websites, documents, etc.).  iPad screencasting apps include:

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