Thursday, December 1, 2011

Connecting Labs to Math Process Skills

In Chemistry, I am currently teaching the mole concept.  Students were trying to understand what moles are and how to do calculations involving moles.  The students were completing a lab where they had to determine the mass of three samples.  This lab gave them the opportunity to use different types of balances.  Next, the students had to determine the number of moles and number of representative particles associated with the masses of their samples.  After determining the masses of the samples and cleaning up the lab, the students watched the following YouTube videos from ChemistNATE (

Calculating Molar Mass: ChemistNATE

Calculating Grams from Moles: ChemistNATE

Calculating Moles from Grams: ChemistNATE

After watching each video, the students completed the calculations necessary needed to fill out the appropriate section of the data table.

This lab involved hands-on learning skills, lab process skills, and calculation skills.  Integrating each of these skills in one activity improved student understanding of a difficult concept.

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