Friday, January 6, 2012

Before You Assign Another Lab Report...

As a science teacher, I regularly assign lab reports as a way to incorporate writing skills and science process skills into assessments. However, I often assigned lab reports as traditional reports. While this format definitely has its place, allowing students to submit lab reports in more creative formats may increase engagement and keep students focused on the goals: increased content knowledge and process skills.

Examples of innovative lab reports include:

Booklets are simple and low-tech, but allow students to draw and use color.

Booklets and foldables are especially helpful if most assignments are submitted online.

Google Presentation
Students can make Google Presentations instead of traditional PowerPoints.

While PowerPoints and Google Presentations present content in a linear format, Prezis integrate several media types, but allow the reader to choose their path through the information.

A screencast incorporates audio into an online presentation so students may explain the steps of the lab report.

Google Site
Students can create a website dedicated to their experiment or research project.

Hopefully, at least one of the ideas will work in your classroom!

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