Thursday, December 1, 2011

Google Docs!

This year I've tried to use Google products as much as possible since the sites are not blocked on our campus.

Here are some ways I use Google products at my school:

Google Documents
- Class handouts
- Class assignments

Google Presentations
- All presentations this year are made on Google presentations
- Students complete six weeks projects on Google Presentations and share them with me

Google Forms
- Science Book Checkout Form
- Tutoring Sign Up Form
- Lab Data Collection and Analysis Form: Students submit their data and all data goes to Google Spreadsheet
- Online Student Quizzes

Google Spreadsheets
- Analysis of lab data/Class discussions
- Grading of student quizzes using Flubaroo
- Documenting parent contacts and discipline issues

Google Groups
- Groups for each class
- Sharing files with group email gives students access to my presentations, assignments, and handouts

- Use Google Drawings to make graphic organizers

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