Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Reasons to Flip Your Classroom Now!

1. Additional time for student practice

Allowing students to watch videos outside of class allows students to practice in class instead of at home.

2. Additional time for teacher feedback

Practicing in class allows students to get help and feedback from their teacher as they work through problems or activities.  Previously, students would work alone at home without help, possibly reinforcing misconceptions or allowing them to give up because they did not have help.

3. Additional time for collaborative learning

The additional class time provides more opportunities for collaborative learning and project-based learning activities.  Students should have more opportunities to create products that are authentic learning experiences, rigorous and relevant, and prepare them for college and careers.

4. Increased student engagement

Students should be more engaged at home and in class.  Freed from the traditional lecture format, students can stop, rewind and pause videos to increase understanding.  In addition, they can find additional learning materials online of their own choosing to help them attain mastery of content.  This allows students to own their learning experiences.

5. Increased time for planning activities instead of planning lectures

Instead of planning lectures, teachers can plan activities for students to learn through hands-on experiences.  This also creates more time for reflection on how to further improve your students' learning experiences!

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